The Shopkeeper

Sasha | 1st March, Panjim

Sasha grew up here , her parents home in panjim is a treasure trove of memories . Especially nostalgic are the family photos in the living room. Like the picture of her favourite uncle. She visits her parents for the ritualistic Sunday brunch, a house full of family and their friends.


Shivani and Munir | 26th February , Carona

Zau was birthed in water with the full moon rising. “It was empowering beautiful and brutal. So many transformations have taken place since that day. We have begun to travel internally, “ says Shivani. Munir is amazed at the fragility of this little being, “In the beginning the bonding process was beautiful, but now the observation process - observing deeply his every move is magical”.

The Hair Stylist

Kiran | 3rd March, Siolim

We are happy that kiran decided to move to goa. It feels good to have your tribe slowly come together in one place . I can imagine her walking in the fields of Siolim at dawn and swimming in the beaches of Mandrem for sunsets.

Handmade With Love

Jeannie and Yuzro
28th February, Parra

They spend their time between Goa, london and Japan translating their travels into patchwork throws and quilted shawls. Jeannies personal collection of jewellery and trinkets are a treat. There is a friendship here, a bond created over ten years. One of the favourite rituals is driving down to Udo for sunsets and conversations.

The Soul Chef

Lakshmi | 26th February, Assagaon

Our friend Lakshmi has been part of the diary from there beginning. We were welcomed by her 12 dogs in her quaint house in Assagaon.. We ate breakfast she made for us. She believes good food should nourish both the body and the soul. It was a perfect morning, eating together , whilst listening to bossa Nuova music playing in the background.

The Siblings

Isha and Diksha | 27th February, Bhatti Vaddo , Parra

Isha and Diksha are sisters. They are artistic and eclectic.. Their homes reflect that, with paintings and artefacts made by them. They are free spirited and real troopers. They are similar as they are different The one thing they strongly agree on is that they both love Love.

The Burmese Chef

Bawmra | 27th February, Vagator

Everybody knows Bawmra in Goa. He is a local star, An amazing chef. He loves his big garden, one he can grow all his exotic herbs in . He also plays Sallyball, a little know but highly competitive game. His appetite for life is almost as large as it is for food .

This Harvest Moon

Tinu and the Kids |1st March

This is Tinus special place where she comes to play with her kids,
to run wild and just be free.

Center Stage

Nikhil, Madhavi, Om and Kirikou |3rd March, Moira village

The Chopra family lives in a grand old Portuguese house in Moira .The house is almost always in a state of motion with the comings and going of artists in rehearsals and production. On a quiet day Nikhil and Kirokou spend time planting in the garden, while Madhavi and Om might wander through winding village roads to meet a friendly neighbour or two. Sunday’s are special with Shakshuka or Frittatas for brunch often followed by an afternoon cake baked by Kirikou and Om.

Life On a Farm

Tinu | 1st March, Neuro ‘O’ Pequeno

Tinu lives with her partner Quentin and their kids,15 geese, 20 hen, 2 ducks,1 duckling, 1 dog, 1 cat.They come together as a family here, growing, nurturing and co-existing.

A Distant Cousin

Nevelyn | 1st March, Panjim

Nevelyn was spotted at a monsoon funeral.Among a gathered crowd of well wishers in Siolim a year ago. Funerals and feasts are important events in Goa. Through joy and sadness one is always left with a sense of community and compassion at these events.