Sheetal Mallar finds her subjects in varied locales, each suggestive of the seesaw between buoyant dream and gritty actuality, a glittering past and a bleak future. Beneath her outward and visible subjects – ephemeral spaces and evanescent trades, aftermaths and afterlives – Mallar’s constant theme is transience. Encountering her protagonists, we recognize them, as well as ourselves, to be transients: creatures of passage afforded a brief leasehold by the cycle of time.
- Ranjit Hoskote

‘Transients was exhibited at Art musings’ in January 2020.

Alone Together

"Together Alone"

I started this work a while ago in a transitional period of my life. I had felt uprooted and wanted to reconnect with my city and my friends to find that safe space. I took pictures of my friends and family in their personal spaces. Being in a chaotic city like Bombay, I wanted to explore how the city affects us at many levels and the similar state of minds we find ourselves in. I have often wondered, more so now, What does home really mean? Is it within these four walls that we inhabit or is it made up of many little things, outside of a physical space. I question what it means to be lonely, isolated and together alone. I think this work is about revealing these layers that form familiar grounds between us. I have been making this work for about ten years now. I feel the beauty about long term projects is that it keeps changing with the passage of time, as you view the work through a new lens of changing circumstances.


This series offers us a rare glimpse into the workings of the naval officers at the Dabolim Naval Base in goa, which is a restricted military facility. The photographer invites us to pay attention to the rich symbolism of color, rank and ritual, constitutive of a social order in which the explicit recognition of command is of fundamental importance.

This work was exhibited at the Goa photo 2015.