In India, we make more movies each year than anyone else in the world. Approximately 1500 to 2000 movies are churned out annually across the many regional languages making the Indian film industry one of the largest, most versatile and vibrant in the world. It also makes india the highest grossing territory in theatrical revenue. The temporality of fantasy worlds created for cinema was an initial source for muse and bewilderment.

This on-going work is a research-based study around cinema, to understand the influence it wields and the effect it has on different sections of society. It offers a glimpse into the ways in which class, gender and community are entangled in the web of film consumption.

Alone Together

"Together Alone"

This work is about the youth in fast paced urban cities. I find life in Mumbai a mad circus with more than twenty million of us packed here. People in today’s urban environment move at a frenzied pace. Being amidst this chaos, there is a sense of loneliness that lingers within all of us. I see a reflection of myself in many of the subjects I shoot.