Sheetal Mallar finds her subjects in varied locales, each suggestive of the seesaw between buoyant dream and gritty actuality, a glittering past and a bleak future. Beneath her outward and visible subjects – ephemeral spaces and evanescent trades, aftermaths and afterlives – Mallar’s constant theme is transience. Encountering her protagonists, we recognize them, as well as ourselves, to be transients: creatures of passage afforded a brief leasehold by the cycle of time.
- Ranjit Hoskote

Alone Together

"Together Alone"

This is a work in progress.

These are shot in the urban suburbs of Mumbai.

My life was always on the move, since i was a professional model for almost two decades. Strangely,I had found comfort in not being rooted anywhere. As I am getting older ,I have started questioning what home means to me and what it means to my friends in this chaotic city. There is a sense of loneliness that lingers within all of us. I wanted to explore how the city affects us at many levels and the similar state of minds we find ourselves in.

I am interested in revealing these layers that form familiar grounds between us.

These are friends of mine. Some are from out of town, trying to make a living here. Some live alone and others with their parents.

They have been shot in their homes or personal spaces..


This series offers us a rare glimpse into the workings of the naval officers at the Dabolim Naval Base in goa, which is a restricted military facility. The photographer invites us to pay attention to the rich symbolism of color, rank and ritual, constitutive of a social order in which the explicit recognition of command is of fundamental importance.

This work was exhibited at the Goa photo 2015.