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Starbucks India


Mogachea means 'beloved' in Konkani, in the local language of goa. Mogachea is a organic sustainable brand designed by Tania Fadte.

Savio Jon

Sheetal and Lakshmi diaries : Me and lakshmi shooting each other and making self portraits in and for Savio jon.


Fashion editorial, in verve magazine.



Published in Platform magazine. Moments in the lives of these real life couples.


This series offers us a rare glimpse into the workings of the naval officers at the Dabolim Naval Base in goa, which is a restricted military facility. The photographer invites us to pay attention to the rich symbolism of color, rank and ritual, constitutive of a social order in which the explicit recognition of command is of fundamental importance.

This work was published in Motherland magazine and exhibited at the Goa photo 2015.

Portside Cafe

Designer furniture studio.

Jubliant Life Sciences

Ahilya by the sea

Travel and Interiors, Ahilya by the sea.


Mumbai's mega slum is an evolving ecosystem of micro economies inter connected with residential spaces.