Goa Crew

Published in the Architectural digest magazine.

This photo essay is about my friends in their personal spaces ,who live in Goa. I enjoy photographing them especially at home. The intimacy and trust develops easily whilst shooting someone you are close to. Its intriguing how much you can say about someone just by seeing the space they live in. Each a different kind of home,each beautiful in its own way.

Starbucks India

Couples Intimacy


Published in Platform magazine. Moments in the lives of these real life couples.


Mogachea means 'beloved' in Konkani, in the local language of goa. Mogachea is a organic sustainable brand designed by Tania Fadte.

Savio Jon

Sheetal and Lakshmi diaries : Me and lakshmi shooting each other and making self portraits in and for Savio jon.

Portside Cafe

Designer furniture studio.

Jubliant Life Sciences


Mumbai's mega slum is an evolving ecosystem of micro economies inter connected with residential spaces.