“I met Nikhil and Madhavi (his wife) in 2014 at an art event they were hosting in Goa. We got along instantly and have remained friends since. His home has a surreal quality about it that makes me feel like I’ve stepped into another era.” Chopra says of the home, “We moved into this house in Portavado, Siolim in July 2012; it was the 200th anniversary of the house. It had been lying empty for 20 years, and here we were, bringing life to its massive halls and monumentally high ceiling.”


Carol and I have been friends for many years now. She and Sam (Ziza, her husband) moved to Goa three years ago, when she decided to become a mother. Their home was already built, but they decorated it themselves, furnishing it with a mix of antiques from around the state and pieces they built themselves. They actually went to mills to pick the wood for the tables themselves. Carol loves the garden, where she can usually be found playing with her son Gabriel—when it’s sunny outside. She and Sam also run Botanique, a restaurant and bed and breakfast in Assagao.”


“Saffron and Yannick are both artists who live, and work, together. She’s the only one among these friends who was born in Goa and has lived here the longest. Her mom (artist Shireen Mody) designed the house, which was built in 1988. Yannick also lived in Goa as a child, for about eight years, before moving to Switzerland. He moved back here three years ago.”


“I’ve known Jivi for many years now. His house in Assagao—one of the prettiest villages in north Goa—is incredibly eclectic and reflects his colourful personality. Jivi has been visiting Goa since he was 16 or 17, making many friends there over the years. He had this property for a few years before he embarked on a process of renovation and construction—eventually moving there in December 2006. Built on a hillside, the heritage house is submerged within lush greenery.”


“Lakshmi is earthy and soulful—one of the few friends I’m still in touch with from my modelling days. Like me, she’s always loved Goa and has lived there, on and off, for many years. Her work moves at a fast pace; Goa doesn’t. So, it’s the perfect counterbalance. She moved to this cottage and studio last year. She’s an outdoorsy person, and enjoys the fact that she can easily indulge in some open-air yoga, surf or even tend to her farm; she grows her own organic vegetables in her garden.”


“I’ve known Rifq for over 10 years. She’s lived in different countries through her life. I remember sitting at a beach shack in Goa with her, about five years ago, and talking about moving there. Six months later, she did. Last year, she and her partner moved into a 125-year-old Portuguese house that they’d restored, guided by architect Ian Alvares.”